Beyond Still Images...

We're a group of (mostly) amateur photographers who have an interest in creating multimedia presentations that best show off our images and videos. We are open to all forms of presentation and techniques. (If we can project it, we'll review it!)

We meet once a month to share our shows ("stories"), get feedback, and find inspiration.

Have a look around our site and consider coming to a meeting. We meet in the New Westminster area (BC, Canada).

Our members are looking to present their images and video in the best possible manner -- to be digital storytellers.

The Cornerstones of W.C.A.

We have four key concepts to how our Animatography group functions.

Creating Stories

Everyone these days can capture photos and videos with their cameras and phones. Sites like Flickr, FaceBook and the like make it easy to create galleries of images.
But when we share our images, we want to go beyond "a bunch of photos"; we strive to have our shows tell a "story".
The story might be simple ("I visited a nice park") or complex ("A modern day visit to the Battle of Hastings").
Our members' stories cover a wide variety of topics.

Supportive Environment

The internet is full of trolls, but not our meetings! We strive to provide a positive and supportive environment. No matter what your current skill level your stories will be appreciated and taken seriously. We want all our members to become better storytellers and we learn from each other.

Peer Review

It's hard to create a good show in a vacuum. We, as your audience, will look at your show and help you find what is working well (so you can keep doing it!) and possibly have suggestions on how your story could be made even better!.
And by reviewing the shows of others, you may find some inspiration of things you want to try for yourself.

Sharing Knowledge

These days the technology used to create media presentations is ever changing. Rather than fear it, we embrace it! We're always interested to learn new techniques and technologies that our members have encountered.
We're always interested to see new possibilities that can be used to share our stories with our audience!

About Us

West Coast Animatographers are a group of people who are keen to improve their digital storytelling skills. Most of our members are amateur photographers in the Metro Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada.

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Our next meeting is:
Dec 20, 2018.
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